Check-in [ddf9f18c93]
Comment:Merged trunk changes into branch
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User & Date: rkeene on 2011-05-28 23:59:40
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Updated to be pluggable Closed-Leaf check-in: 349896fca7 user: rkeene tags: pluggable
Merged trunk changes into branch check-in: ddf9f18c93 user: rkeene tags: pluggable
Updated to only mount VFS once

Updated to always load "vfs" check-in: d5ed5900eb user: rkeene tags: trunk

Updated to look in all directories at the root directory for projects check-in: e2655f79ba user: rkeene tags: pluggable

Modified README from [b320dd82ca] to [f55796d36b].    [diff]

Added build/make-kit-linux-amd64 version [f5a7e70fab].

Modified build/make-kit-mipsel from [78d28dde77] to [814a04e3a0].    [diff]

Modified build/ from [cebbe97a7e] to [2ff27f5bab].    [diff]

Modified build/ from [6536148eb0] to [2ce5e55131].    [diff]

Modified build/test/do-nightly-tests-and-publish from [5c58eff196] to [d2dcdb02e1].    [diff]

Modified build/test/index.ttml from [32e3b3a01b] to [6b17de7829].    [diff]

Modified build/test/publish-tests from [703dc23136] to [8f47d1a196].    [diff]

Modified build/test/test from [58637ff4f9] to [38851b5a2a].    [diff]

Modified build/test/tests/12-threads.tcl from [df3ccdde39] to [7bfac57b1d].    [diff]

Added build/test/tests/16-itcl.tcl version [91f3c57960].

Added build/web/Makefile version [a7224e283a].

Added build/web/kitcreator.vfs/index.rvt version [aaeb907791].

Modified kitcreator from [15de613872] to [9916a29d8c].    [diff]

Deleted kitdll/ version [9d057a0710].

Deleted kitdll/buildsrc/kitdll-0.0/aclocal.m4 version [57e33ec54f].

Deleted kitdll/buildsrc/kitdll-0.0/boot.tcl version [fdb0ceb95b].

Deleted kitdll/buildsrc/kitdll-0.0/config.guess version [23da712e9c].

Deleted kitdll/buildsrc/kitdll-0.0/config.sub version [1f0ad14050].

Deleted kitdll/buildsrc/kitdll-0.0/ version [ae66df7b9e].

Deleted kitdll/buildsrc/kitdll-0.0/install-sh version [82b003ed45].

Deleted kitdll/buildsrc/kitdll-0.0/kitInit.c version [d13061de12].

Deleted kitdll/buildsrc/kitdll-0.0/pwb.c version [d3bbfc6849].

Deleted kitdll/buildsrc/kitdll-0.0/rechan.c version [95be374a42].

Deleted kitdll/buildsrc/kitdll-0.0/stringify.tcl version [07e25e6903].

Deleted kitdll/buildsrc/kitdll-0.0/zlib.c version [d3ecfd237b].

Modified kitsh/ from [b70457f0fd] to [030405272d].    [diff]

Added kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/ version [537f4f602e].

Modified kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/ from [024981b5ad] to [903bfeecb6].    [diff]

Modified kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/ from [6f33927faa] to [9a850eafbd].    [diff]

Modified kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/aclocal.m4 from [13694584fc] to [370c9cd778].    [diff]

Modified kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/boot.tcl from [6dee5fa1e9] to [fcd5a93523].    [diff]

Modified kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/ from [d545ae6633] to [20795b4d45].    [diff]

Modified kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/cvfs.tcl from [662da588b0] to [20e6e11465].    [diff]

Modified kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/cvfs_data.c from [e51d57abbf] to [dcf0f1a5fd].    [diff]

Modified kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/dir2c.tcl from [28f9b94a91] to [903b20a63c].    [diff]

Modified kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/installvfs.tcl from [01a4e2e7f2] to [b17724e7c3].    [diff]

Modified kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/kitInit.c from [2ea4599da9] to [50169ff8c3].    [diff]

Name change from kitdll/buildsrc/kitdll-0.0/tclsh.c to kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/tclsh.c.

Name change from kitdll/buildsrc/kitdll-0.0/wish.c to kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/wish.c.

Modified mk4tcl/ from [9c93a36278] to [1ccf77c409].    [diff]

Added mk4tcl/patches/all/metakit- version [6280191256].

Modified tcl/ from [805b596118] to [f8ef582bfc].    [diff]

Added tcl/patchscripts/ version [d1143d6e77].

Added tcl/patchscripts/ version [05e06e331d].

Added tcl/patchscripts/ version [610ea73aa0].

Modified tclvfs/ from [d1e2c23178] to [c20cbb9749].    [diff]

Modified tk/ from [394ddd8947] to [12528bdfc5].    [diff]

Added tk/patchscripts/ version [05e06e331d].