KitCreator Web Interface

KitCreator Version:
Tcl Version:
Kit Options: Package: critcl
Package: D-BUS
Package: Duktape
Package: [incr Tcl]
Package: LMDB
Package: Metakit
Package: Next Scripting Framework
Package: tcc4tcl
Package: cURL
Package: Tcllib
Package: TclLuX (Tcl UNIX Utilities)
Package: TclPKCS#11 (pki::pkcs11)
Package: TclX
Package: tDOM
Package: Tk
Package: TLS
Package: Tcl UNIX API
Package: TclUDP
Package: YAJL-TCL
Kit: Threaded
Kit: Debugging Build
Kit: Build Library (KitDLL)
Kit: Always link Tk dynamically (if Tk is built)
Kit: "Minimal" build (remove extra packages shipped as part of Tcl and reduce encodings)
Kit: Statically link packages in pkgs directory
Kit: TCL_UTF_MAX=6 (incompatibility with standard Tcl)
TLS: Statically link to LibSSL
TLS: Build LibreSSL for this platform
Kit Storage: