Changes To Release History
    50     50     <li>KitCreator <a href="">0.6.0</a> - Merged KitDLL and KitSH code; Updated to only mount VFS once; Updated to support compiling in additional extensions dynamically</li>
    51     51     <li>KitCreator <a href="">0.6.1</a> - Minor bug fixes; Updated to attempt to download Tk using the same tag as was used to download Tcl when building using a Fossil tag</li>
    52     52     <li>KitCreator <a href="">0.6.2</a> - Added support for KitDLL "SDK" builds</li>  
    53     53     <li>KitCreator <a href="">0.7.0</a> - Tcl 8.5.14 made the default; Updated Fossil builds to include additional packages which are in new releases; Updated to produce an Android Makefile snippet as part of the SDK build</li> 
    54     54     <li>KitCreator <a href="">0.8.0</a> - Added tclkit.ico to VFS; Added additional optional packages (dbus, tls); Fixed bug with multiple interpreters on Windows; Added support for retrying only failed components</li> 
    55     55     <li>KitCreator <a href="">0.9.0</a> - Upgraded zlib; Added tcc4tcl; Stopped removing TclOO for minimal builds; Added per-project CFLAGS/LDFLAGS/etc</li> 
    56     56     <li>KitCreator <a href="">0.9.1</a> - Updated to support dynamically linking Tk on Windows; Fixed MUSL LibC support</li> 
           57  +  <li>KitCreator <a href="">0.9.2</a> - Fixed memory leak in C-VFS; Fixed bug in TclVFS; Added C-VFS obfuscation support; Added non-default packages Tcllib, TclUDP, YAJTCL; Added start of completely-static-pkgs</li> 
    57     58     <li>KitCreator 0.10.0 - Tcl 8.6 features will be integrated more heavily (future)</li> 
    58     59     <li>KitCreator 1.0.0 - Stable long term release, Tcl 8.6 made the default (future)</li>
    59     60   </ol>