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Comment:Corrected typo
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User & Date: rkeene on 2011-11-14 16:42:15
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Added support for including SDK in KitDLL test builds Closed-Leaf check-in: b0c80c51af user: rkeene tags: tcl-sdk-support
Corrected typo check-in: 8d015538ad user: rkeene tags: tcl-sdk-support
Updated to include sub-directories from header files (for Win32 support)

Fixed issue with regexp used to replace refernces to -ltcl/-ltk for KitDLL SDK

Fixed issue with selecting library file on Win32

Updated to pull libraries from KitSH for KitDLL SDK to avoid picking wrong file if one is already in the current directory check-in: fe142d1843 user: rkeene tags: tcl-sdk-support


Modified README from [cb012f0bd1] to [d6d6daf628].

   141    141   		Specify which type of storage to use with the Tclkit.  The
   142    142   		default is to auto-detect.  Auto-detection uses Mk4 if
   143    143   		available and built statically, otherwise it falls back to Zip.
   144    144   
   145    145   --------------------
   146    146   Using the KitDLL SDK
   147    147   --------------------
   148         -When you build a KitDLL, a "kitdll-sdk-<tclvers>.tar.gz" tarball is also
          148  +When you build a KitDLL, a "libtclkit-sdk-<tclvers>.tar.gz" tarball is also
   149    149   produced.  This tarball contains the Tcl (and Tk, if compiled) stubs libraries,
   150    150   and Tcl (and Tk, if compiled) header files needed to compile and link things
   151    151   against Tcl (and Tk).  It also includes "" (and "", if
   152    152   Tk was compiled).
   153    153   
   154    154   The purpose for this tarball is to be used to build Tcl extensions or
   155    155   applications that rely on Tcl/Tk using the KitDLL.