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Comment:Minor documentation update (sync with Wiki)
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User & Date: rkeene on 2010-09-26 04:44:12
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Fixed sync logic issue with new support for specifying which storage system to use (installvfs.tcl and kitInit.c) check-in: e5c8483726 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Minor documentation update (sync with Wiki) check-in: 38ada8ff4d user: rkeene tags: trunk
KitCreator 0.3.1.x

Updated documentation regarding to new storage options check-in: ad81f6cde8 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.3.1


Modified README from [fc6e6612a1] to [d727105047].

   170    170   the source code, and then installs the Metakit database containing the VFS
   171    171   onto the resulting executable.
   172    172   
   173    173   If the "mk4tcl" project fails to build (or is not requested to be built),
   174    174   the rest of the project will be built using zip files instead of Metakit
   175    175   databases.
   176    176   
   177         -To create the Metakit database (if needed), one of two Tclkits is used (tried
   178         -in this order):
          177  +To create the storage database, one of two Tclkits is used (tried in this
          178  +order):
   179    179   	1. The Tclkit specified by the TCLKIT environment variable (or
   180    180   	   "tclkit" if that variable is not set) if it is functional; or
   181    181   	2. The built Tclkit itself
   182    182   
   183    183   The second method will not work if the built Tclkit is not executable on the
   184    184   current platform (i.e., in the case of cross-compilation) and so it may be
   185    185   necessary to bootstrap a runnable Tclkit first.