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Ticket UUID: 4a4fbec67678fcbb9669aba204056956c2af4cc6
Title: Failed to build: dbus tls on linux-aarch64 8.6.4
Status: Open Type: Build Problem
Severity: Important Priority:
Subsystem: Resolution:
Last Modified: 2018-12-12 21:31:46
Version Found In:
Running: export KITCREATOR_PKGS=" dbus tdom tls "
Running: ./build/make-kit-linux-aarch64 8.6.4 --disable-threads
Building tcl ... done.
Building tclvfs ... done.
Building zlib ... done.
Building dbus ... failed.
Building tdom ... done.
Building tls ... failed.
Building kitsh ... done.
Failed to build: dbus tls
WARNING: Build is likely incomplete or failed.