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      configure script of zlib 1.2.8 fails and says "Please use win32/Makefile.gcc instead." when $(uname -s) matches with MINGW* or mingw* by case statement of /bin/sh.

      And default Makefile which will be used in this case also says same warnng, but make does not return error. So kitcreator script guesses wrong.

      For example,  I succeeded to build zlib by following.
      (awk line resolves another problem. Because Makefile.gcc resets CC and RC by self.)

          case $(uname -s 2> /dev/null) in
              MINGW* | mingw*)
                  # use win32/Makefile.gcc instead.
                  echo "Running: awk '{if($1~/^[RC]C$/&&$2~/^=/)$2="?"$2;print}' win32/Makefile.gcc > Makefile"
                  awk '{if($1~/^[RC]C$/&&$2~/^=/)$2="?"$2;print}' win32/Makefile.gcc > Makefile

                  echo "Running: ${MAKE:-make}"
                  ${MAKE:-make} || exit 1

                  echo "Running: BINARY_PATH=${INSTDIR}/bin INCLUDE_PATH=${INSTDIR}/include LIBRARY_PATH=${INSTDIR}/lib ${MAKE:-make} install"
                  BINARY_PATH=${INSTDIR}/bin INCLUDE_PATH=${INSTDIR}/include LIBRARY_PATH=${INSTDIR}/lib ${MAKE:-make} install
                  # If we are building for KitDLL, compile with '-fPIC'
                  if [ "${KITTARGET}" = "kitdll" ]; then
                      CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} -fPIC"
                      export CFLAGS

                  # We don't pass CONFIGUREEXTRA here, since this isn't a GNU autoconf
                  # script and will puke
                  echo "Running: ./configure --prefix=\"${INSTDIR}\" --libdir=\"${INSTDIR}/lib\" --static"
                  ./configure --prefix="${INSTDIR}" --libdir="${INSTDIR}/lib" --static

                  echo "Running: ${MAKE:-make}"
                  ${MAKE:-make} || exit 1

                  echo "Running: ${MAKE:-make} install"
                  ${MAKE:-make} install

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      There is an issue with building zlib using MinGW. Using a modified version of your patch, I am able to build zlib. However, the "awk" line caused problems for me here (i.e. complaints about being unable to locate the "cc" command).

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      This issue should now be fixed on the 'winZlib128' branch.

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