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09:39 Ticket [faa590a5fa] Create KitDLL status still Verified with 1 other change artifact: f89cff9bcc user: rkeene
Added Tk support

Added wish test driver

Fixed issue with stripping KitDLL

Minor cleanup check-in: 2dbaa7246a user: rkeene tags: trunk

Renamed KitDLL library from libtcl to libtclkit check-in: bec59f252e user: rkeene tags: trunk
08:23 Edit [d903137347]: Edit check-in comment. Timestamp 2010-09-30 08:20:13. artifact: 8d64e62a00 user: rkeene
Updated to support Registry and DDE packages on Win32, and to support the Thread package

Added support for exporting all symbols to the DLL on Win32 check-in: d903137347 user: rkeene tags: trunk

Updated to copy all KitDLL related files to build directory check-in: 256ca73ea3 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Updated KitDLL to search for libraries to link to from other projects

Added KitDLL prepartion and checking to pre-release initialization script check-in: 4f4058fd40 user: rkeene tags: trunk

Fixed KitDLL cleanup check-in: 581ba55290 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Fixed KitDLL Build script to correctly create VFS directory before calling make

Added KitDLL cleaning to main kitcreator top-level build script

Updated to allow KitDLL to ship check-in: f547179798 user: rkeene tags: trunk

Added kitdll top-level build script check-in: f05f6abdf1 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Added missing file from previous commit check-in: 381f0a779a user: rkeene tags: trunk
Reorganized Makefile so object files are not specified in multiple places check-in: c321bdebc8 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Renamed test driver "tclsh" check-in: 742f8f4178 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Fixed test driver to call initialization routine -- changed to tclsh.

Updated to support determing encoding from environment

Removed debugging printfs/puts check-in: 8fde0c7fbf user: rkeene tags: trunk

Updated clean target check-in: 50190b3c1d user: rkeene tags: trunk
Updated clean target check-in: 660a5d0fd1 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Created GNU autoconf script for KitDLL

Made KitDLL build a shared object

Added test driver check-in: b11b735302 user: rkeene tags: trunk

Disabled automated killing of tests check-in: 2a6d205525 user: rkeene tags: trunk
22:31 Edit [c0cb33bec5]: Edit check-in comment. Timestamp 2010-09-28 21:52:33. artifact: 176598f9d4 user: rkeene
22:28 Closed ticket [0c5bcad642]: vfs::zip fails with zip files smaller than 512 bytes artifact: d66764c15d user: rkeene ... 2 similar events omitted.
Renamed temporary zip files so they are more obviously deletable check-in: b31abfda22 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Updated vfs::zip tests to require zip::vfs package check-in: fedad6f886 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Added regression suite tests for small zip files check-in: de59e55104 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Fixed issue with vfs::zip opening zip files smaller than 512b, fixes issue [0c5bcad642] check-in: c0cb33bec5 user: rkeene tags: trunk
19:46 Added wiki page "Directory Structure" artifact: 5a9a1af362 user: rkeene
22:56 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: ccf7da670f user: rkeene
22:49 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: 1e952dbc2c user: rkeene
22:48 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: 04f83cfc1c user: rkeene
22:46 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: 687f3e1c0f user: rkeene
22:42 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: a107c8f626 user: rkeene
22:39 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: 890c8a1bb4 user: rkeene
22:34 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: 1d7f227f7e user: rkeene
22:34 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: 35500bc673 user: rkeene
Updated to only consider checkins for change revision check-in: 8f84374b32 user: rkeene tags: trunk
22:12 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: eb2821eaea user: rkeene
20:42 Verified ticket [faa590a5fa]: Create KitDLL plus 2 other changes artifact: 06f16a094c user: rkeene ... 1 similar event omitted.
20:16 Edit [8670f53dbc]: Add tag "0.0.3". artifact: 86e9108dec user: rkeene
20:16 Edit [727034b4dd]: Add tag "0.0.2". artifact: a369974aa5 user: rkeene
20:16 Edit [a1b05ba814]: Add tag "0.0.1". artifact: 1349efa104 user: rkeene
20:16 Edit [65a6c41656]: Add tag "0.0.6". artifact: 6ea7c1f229 user: rkeene
20:16 Edit [6d978c1a18]: Add tag "0.0.5". artifact: 6feb1e3f26 user: rkeene
20:16 Edit [bc156bdbe1]: Add tag "0.0.4". artifact: 9375ecf4dd user: rkeene
20:16 Edit [c48a3eddef]: Add tag "0.1.0". artifact: 91ce7f9b26 user: rkeene
20:16 Edit [7b805333b0]: Add tag "0.0.8". artifact: 8b2eedab05 user: rkeene
20:16 Edit [bbb991803b]: Add tag "0.0.7". artifact: e94586a016 user: rkeene
20:16 Edit [65a0497bd0]: Add tag "0.2.1". artifact: 043e541d11 user: rkeene
20:16 Edit [b9f7f215ae]: Add tag "0.2.0". artifact: 5b37663c3a user: rkeene
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