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19:08 Changes to wiki page "C-VFS" artifact: ab8bcd0305 user: rkeene
19:04 Added wiki page "C-VFS" artifact: 67b2ef715b user: rkeene
19:02 Changes to wiki page "KitDLL" artifact: c5de35af41 user: rkeene
18:46 Changes to wiki page "Tested Platforms" artifact: f35ef4d57a user: rkeene
18:27 Changes to wiki page "KitDLL" artifact: 03b9fff092 user: rkeene
18:14 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: e1c1271c43 user: rkeene
18:10 Added wiki page "KitDLL" artifact: 469d83718d user: rkeene
17:32 Changes to wiki page "Release History" artifact: 977fd92fbc user: rkeene
05:22 Changes to wiki page "Release History" artifact: 7aefa54c64 user: rkeene
05:22 Changes to wiki page "Release History" artifact: d5204f9f6d user: rkeene
05:11 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: 8cacfe5dc5 user: rkeene
05:07 Changes to wiki page "Downloads" artifact: 9fee870689 user: rkeene
05:05 Changes to wiki page "Downloads" artifact: b49400ffc4 user: rkeene
05:02 Changes to wiki page "Source Code" artifact: 8194f7d893 user: rkeene
05:01 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: 1cabf31a34 user: rkeene
04:59 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: 3e6f59c722 user: rkeene
04:59 Added wiki page "Tested Platforms" artifact: b36e12732b user: rkeene
04:58 Added wiki page "Included Packages" artifact: 2716415f41 user: rkeene
04:55 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: 3878cd664a user: rkeene
04:55 Changes to wiki page "Downloads" artifact: bdf97f57f2 user: rkeene
04:46 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: 94311be258 user: rkeene
04:45 Added wiki page "Method of Operation" artifact: bb47595cc7 user: rkeene
04:44 Changes to wiki page "Examples" artifact: fcf7780a64 user: rkeene
04:42 Added wiki page "Examples" artifact: 0d8c90d76f user: rkeene
04:40 Added wiki page "Versioning Information" artifact: da33ff6250 user: rkeene
04:36 Added wiki page "Release History" artifact: 346ef7891b user: rkeene
04:16 Changes to wiki page "Source Code" artifact: 5ed495555c user: rkeene
04:13 Changes to wiki page "Downloads" artifact: d76cd1115d user: rkeene
04:11 Changes to wiki page "Source Code" artifact: 3a6df4c97a user: rkeene
04:08 Changes to wiki page "Source Code" artifact: 0f2a89879e user: rkeene
04:05 Changes to wiki page "Source Code" artifact: 932b0cf303 user: rkeene
04:05 Added wiki page "Source Code" artifact: 8c07d6b186 user: rkeene
04:04 Added wiki page "Downloads" artifact: ca3250ee93 user: rkeene
Added basic Incr Tcl test check-in: 36e900cf16 user: rkeene tags: trunk
17:01 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: 58fa87ef3d user: rkeene
15:33 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: 296a52d77a user: rkeene
15:27 Changes to wiki page "KitCreator" artifact: cb2b38bd0d user: rkeene
15:20 Edit [e8a7740c04]: Add tag "0.5.4". artifact: afc2747140 user: rkeene
KitCreator 0.5.4 check-in: e8a7740c04 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.5.4
Updated to pull "itcl" from core.tcl.tk check-in: 76acd1bd6b user: rkeene tags: trunk
Updated to pull "tclconfig" and "thread" from core.tcl.tk

Updated to download CVS/Fossil into a temporary directory check-in: f892d49db3 user: rkeene tags: trunk

Updated to pull tarballs from Fossil rather than zip files, as these preserve executable permissions

Updated to pull Tcl and Tk from "core.tcl.tk" rather than from local mirror check-in: 84e5f3847a user: rkeene tags: trunk

Minor wording update on publish-tests check-in: a52f177157 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Updated test page to include link to source code used for testing check-in: f9f7abf1ba user: rkeene tags: trunk
Added Linux/amd64 builds to test suite check-in: 3075bde9af user: rkeene tags: trunk
Updated to build full Tclkit when cross-compiling to Linux/amd64 check-in: 53587b62ec user: rkeene tags: trunk
Updated to build static library as PIC when building for KitDLL

Fixed issue with Metakit using "g++" for the shared object linker, even when cross-compiling check-in: 0eca481f01 user: rkeene tags: trunk

Added build script to cross-compile Linux/amd64 kits check-in: 5715f1901b user: rkeene tags: trunk
Corrected issue with previous commit check-in: 403ee0b408 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Updated to build with new toolchain check-in: de3aacd495 user: rkeene tags: trunk
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