Changes To Downloads
    21     21     </ul>
    22     22   </li>
    23     23   <li>Tclkit Downloads:
    24     24     <ul>
    25     25       <li><a href="">Nightly Test Suite Builds</a> - The Tclkits built as a result of the KitCreator test suite.  Most up-to-date, but only a limited number of builds</li>
    26     26       <li><a href="">Manually Built Tclkits</a> - The Tclkits I build manually periodically for various platforms that I touch</li>
    27     27       <li><a href="">Equi4 Tclkits</a> - The original.  These Tclkits were not created using KitCreator, but are the original Tclkits which KitCreator tries to emulate by default</li>
           28  +    <li><a href="">Tclkits from the Tclkit Project</a> - These Tclkits were not created using KitCreator.  They are part of the "Tclkit Project" hosted on Google Code.</li>
    28     29     </ul>
    29     30   </li></ul>