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      KitDLL will not initialize the Mk4tcl package if statically linked.  We need to do this and also give the user some way to control the behaviour of Mk4tcl linking like we do with Tk.  Default to dynamically linking it on KitDLL, statically linking it on Kitsh.  If we are unable to build it dynamically for KitDLL, fall back to statically.
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      <hr /><i>rkeene added on 2010-10-06 16:47:56:</i><br />
      Fixed in [76ec61a413].  The STATICMK4 option lets the user specify whether to build MK4 statically or dynamically.  The default is statically, unless you are building KitDLL then it defaults to dynamically, failing that it uses static.
    2. resolution changed to: "Fixed"
    3. status changed to: "Closed"