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      Hi Roy!<br /><br />As briefly discussed on IRC, a couple of weeks ago, I kindly ask to add an "nsf" build plugin to your kitcreator build array.<br /><br />For some background on the Next Scripting Framework/Language (NSF/NX), which also comes with XOTcl 2, please see <a href="https://next-scripting.org/">https://next-scripting.org/</a>.<br /><br />Based on the build.sh examples available from the kitcreator fossil repo, I created an <a href="http://pastebin.com/JhYXqS1h">nsf/build.sh</a>. (I could not attach a proper fossil patch to this ticket, therefore the pastebin drop).<br /><br />I tested it using some examples from README:<br /><br />export KITCREATOR_PKGS="nsf"<br />./kitcreator<br /><br />export KITCREATOR_PKGS="nsf"<br />./kitcreator --enable-64bit<br /><br />export KITCREATOR_PKGS="nsf kitdll"<br />./kitcreator<br /><br />export KITCREATOR_PKGS="nsf kitdll"<br />./kitcreator --enable-64bit<br /><br />(I used kitcreator 0.9.2)<br /><br />I do not know whether this is sufficient from your point of view? Can I run further tests?<br /><br />Besides, I was wondering:<br /><br />- Why and, if yes, how you should I provide for static-linking support? NSF is a fully TEA-compliant, so adding this is not a big deal (based on your tryopts examples), but I do not see how this would be used then in a kitcreator build?!<br /><br />- Is it possble to have build plugins (nsf) assemble an SCM checkout (git, fossil) rather than a tarball?<br /><br />All the best,<br />Stefan
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      Adding Next Scripting Framework/Language (NSF/NX) build plugin
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      I completed nsf/build.sh, including support for static builds and cross-compilation. Tested with all make-kit-* recipes (or variants thereof) in build/* subdir (each in static/dynamic settings), except for:
      (simply don't have access to suitable toolchains)
      The final build.sh is now attached to the ticket. Was also tested with trunk/tip kitcreator as of today.
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