17 check-ins going from [0.9.3] to [0.9.4]

07:55 [11b1e2dfaa] KitCreator 0.9.4 (user: rkeene, tags: trunk, 0.9.4)
07:53 [8ab220d43e] Updated to latest tcc4tcl (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
07:35 [39588a62db] Updated to not mark anything as external if we are building a static KitDLL (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
07:24 [f41b714e88] Updated to support static KitDLLs on platforms that prefix symbols with an underscore (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
17:40 [73b57d10fb] Added hashes to more projects (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
17:34 [1d07033648] Fixed TLS build script to try to use a default C compiler if none was specified (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
17:28 [08887d8e7c] Fixed downloading of tcc4tcl (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
19:53 [c51d83c360] Merged private commit (user: dbohdan, tags: trunk)
19:12 [8e422c69d7] Improved buildinfo URL guessing. Fixed Tclkits with no packages having a dash an the end of the filename. Do not use [file attributes] to restore Jim Tcl compatibility. (user: dbohdan, tags: trunk)
18:28 [ffc6b46c9f] KitCreator downloader: Make the downloaded Tclkit executable (user: dbohdan, tags: trunk)
18:20 [0aa347b99c] KitCreator downloader: use /buildinfo URLs instead of parsing building pages. (user: dbohdan, tags: trunk)
17:44 [0c51e0404a] Added build/utils/kitcreator-downloader.tcl, a script to download Tclkits built with the Web Interface (user: dbohdan, tags: trunk)
20:28 [91026bbefb] Grouped options better in KitCreator Web UI (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
20:27 [341b02a3b1] Fixed typo in last commit (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
20:27 [070af23daa] Added support for building pkgs directory statically to KitCreator Web UI (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
04:42 [bd11da21e3] Added Tcl 8.6.5 everywhere (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
04:40 [94ef1567f9] KitCreator 0.9.3 (user: rkeene, tags: trunk, 0.9.3)