48 check-ins going from 0.9.2 to 0.9.3

04:40 KitCreator 0.9.3 check-in: 94ef1567f9 user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.9.3
03:21 Updated with support for a "make-kit-remote" and using a new Mac OS X build box check-in: 5c3ab2400a user: rkeene tags: trunk
21:45 Corrected an issue where the KitDLL file cannot be located cause initialization to fail check-in: 9c7bd6cad1 user: rkeene tags: trunk
20:52 Merged in support for creating a static KitDLL check-in: 3fc6a2107a user: rkeene tags: trunk
20:00 Added Tcl 8.5.19 to the web interface check-in: f71b69d91f user: rkeene tags: trunk
19:59 Added some hashes for individual packages check-in: 3c71954242 user: rkeene tags: trunk
19:39 Added common downloader script check-in: d9b5ef323c user: rkeene tags: trunk
19:38 Updated to use common download infrastructure check-in: 6f9977f121 user: rkeene tags: trunk
16:56 Start testing 8.5.19 check-in: 70021142fe user: rkeene tags: trunk
15:49 More patches to try to make TLS 1.6.7 work check-in: cdcb07f969 user: rkeene tags: trunk
15:28 Updated TLS package to 1.6.7, still needs lots of testing since the new TLS package is apparently really broken check-in: e2c7a97b27 user: rkeene tags: trunk
15:28 Updated to pass "--enable-threads" to sub-projects if a threaded Tcl is built, unless otherwise requested check-in: da8fac4446 user: rkeene tags: trunk
15:18 Added NSF package to web page check-in: 6fa06ab16c user: rkeene tags: trunk
21:38 Third attempt: Provide a Tcl 8.4 wrapper, tested using tclsh8.4 as TCLSH_NATIVE check-in: dca99d9485 user: ssoberni tags: trunk
20:43 Give it another try. Mac builds are cross-compilations check-in: df5accddbb user: ssoberni tags: trunk
20:09 Use TCLSH_NATIVE only when cross-compiling (as indicated by KC_CROSSCOMPILE) check-in: 40706ce9b4 user: ssoberni tags: trunk
14:21 Added NSF build script check-in: 2ae580efcd user: rkeene tags: trunk
18:32 Simplify change in the previous check-in. check-in: 78bb12c14d user: mistachkin tags: trunk
18:29 Do not delete the Kit DLL after building it. check-in: 65edae117a user: mistachkin tags: trunk
22:44 Simplify and fix handling of 'kit.exe' instead of 'kit' on Windows. check-in: 31baf7fa49 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
02:38 Fix hard-coded use of './kit' in the kitsh build script and improve how the kit target name is defined. check-in: f84245cd51 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
19:04 Updated to include timeout for tests check-in: 404a1c438f user: rkeene tags: trunk
03:27 Updated URL to tcllib check-in: faeac9b5b2 user: rkeene tags: trunk
17:08 Fixed issue with locating main.tcl on KitDLLs check-in: b6937cc4c5 user: rkeene tags: trunk
17:08 Fixed bug where dynamictk was always applied check-in: 360c2ef691 user: rkeene tags: trunk
21:31 More work on the Mac OS X remote-build script check-in: 4753676e99 user: rkeene tags: trunk
21:25 Fixed deletion of temporary directories for remote builds for Mac OS X check-in: fd476dce2a user: rkeene tags: trunk
20:27 Added slightly better Mac OS X target support check-in: 197271cd1f user: rkeene tags: trunk
22:32 More "kit.exe" naming support check-in: 41666cf399 user: rkeene tags: trunk
22:29 Added Mac OS X build support check-in: 9050965846 user: rkeene tags: trunk
22:28 Updated to set PATH check-in: 6bc5eb5337 user: rkeene tags: trunk
22:24 Fixed name of amd64 Mac OS X build script check-in: 225ab1ff81 user: rkeene tags: trunk
22:21 Added build scripts for Mac OS X check-in: a3be2dcd83 user: rkeene tags: trunk
03:33 Updated to work with compilers that add ".exe" to output files check-in: 7ca49930e2 user: rkeene tags: trunk
03:32 Update the 'installvfs.tcl' tool to always copy to a new file before making any modifications. check-in: d720e221c4 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
03:31 Upgrade the Thread package to version 2.7.2. check-in: d698723d21 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
03:30 Upgrade the ITcl package to version 3.4.2. check-in: bbb02df79b user: mistachkin tags: trunk
00:02 Permit Tk 8.6.4 to build successfully on Windows using MinGW. Patch is fix for Tk ticket [2a70627a03]. check-in: 40dcdbac0a user: mistachkin tags: trunk
23:54 Allow zlib 1.2.8 to build and integrate properly on Windows using MinGW. check-in: 9ad5a7514f user: mistachkin tags: trunk
22:27 Added patch to always build TclVFS in static mode on Windows check-in: a057a0f974 user: rkeene tags: trunk
21:49 Removed unneeded ifdef check-in: ec170ce37a user: rkeene tags: trunk
01:07 Updated default target to be 8.6.4 check-in: 4f42c11e1e user: rkeene tags: trunk
01:06 Updated nightly tests to be 8.6.4 and 8.5.18 check-in: 3a3b6c57f1 user: rkeene tags: trunk
01:05 Updated kit maker to use Tcl 8.6.4 and Tcl 8.5.18 check-in: 0da828bbfa user: rkeene tags: trunk
01:00 Added Tcl 8.6.4 and 8.5.18 to web builder check-in: 94f775def7 user: rkeene tags: trunk
18:38 Updated build system to use new build-cc name for static compilers check-in: fe66a5f969 user: rkeene tags: trunk
16:04 Updated to build in /tmp check-in: dc10f57db2 user: rkeene tags: trunk
14:35 KitCreator 0.9.2 check-in: 44247ef8ba user: rkeene tags: trunk, 0.9.2