34 check-ins going from [0.6.0] to [0.6.1]

18:49 [d2a98c553c] KitCreator 0.6.1

Updated to download Tk by tag first, if possible, then by date if not (user: rkeene, tags: trunk, 0.6.1)

18:42 [acb9725083] Updated to build Solaris/SPARC tests targetting Solaris 8 (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
20:39 [8271861c61] Updated to copy more files from unix/ to macosx/ in Tcl and Tk (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
20:20 [b13d288f20] Updated to hide warnings while running kitcreator distclean in pre.sh

Added workaround for Mac OS X referencing headers in "tclInt.h" that it does not setup a way access using tclConfig.sh (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)

19:54 [eaa71f15f8] Fixed bug in checking for the need to run "build/pre.sh" (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
19:26 [95c04d527f] Updated to warn if KitCreator is run and "pre.sh" has not been run (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
19:08 [fb277571b4] Updated to not use broken pre-generated Makefiles with Tk (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
19:04 [e51ad4b533] Updated to not use broken pre-generated Makefiles (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
15:31 [a6a6c489dc] Updated to try to build Tk in the same sub-directory as Tcl first

Updated Tcl to try to build in the macosx directory first on Darwin (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)

13:40 [d9fcf6ad4a] Updated to format time in ISO-8601 format (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
13:35 [7ea2ce6e68] Fixed typo (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
00:36 [806626aa83] Fixed issue test not creating KitDLLs that are debugging (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
20:00 [57ce9464cc] Added support for creating debug symbols builds (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
18:25 [fd32e55ed8] Updated to pass "wget" errors from Tcl build up to stderr (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
18:15 [335b6cb191] Added a "bigbuild" option to testing (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
16:10 [1ebadabb1d] Updated to support a large test build suite if requested

Minor cleanup of test script (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)

01:11 [f0be818478] Updated to specify full path to C compiler when adjusting path (this fixes tclsh builds for KitDLL)

Updated to not test NetBSD/i386 Tk since NetBSD/i386 has no X11 libraries (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)

19:56 [3cff1ace94] Added more build targets to the test (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
19:53 [8efaf47298] Added more cross-compilers

Updated cross-compiling to use a fake "uname" to deal with Tcl's broken-ness with respect to cross-compiling (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)

23:49 [250028d1d6] Added more cross-compiler build scripts

Added more cross-compiled tests (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)

22:52 [e125d9df77] Added missing build flag (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
19:08 [49d6a04e90] Updated to not force setting of starkit::topdir, this would break starkits

Updated zipseek test to use $tcl_library to find Tclkit root (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)

03:02 [f8234649a5] Updated to set "starkit::topdir" so that it is always correct, even with KitDLL

Updated mk4vfs zlib compressed seek test to use starkit::topdir (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)

19:56 [0ebd562749] Add a test for the zip seek bugfix (95d3afb4e9) (user: sbron, tags: trunk)
13:59 [95d3afb4e9] Fix seek operations with native zlib support. Without this fix creating images from gif files inside a starkit would frequently fail with an error message of: couldn't read GIF header from file XXX. (user: sbron, tags: trunk)
17:21 [cb7271fcc4] Updated to not switch back to dynamic linking if static linking has been requested (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
17:28 [d860d314dd] Updated additional build scripts to not attempt download if "buildsrc" directory is being used (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
17:26 [361d408d67] Updated to not attempt to download source if "buildsrc" directory is being used for Tcl/Tk (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
17:25 [e2f0284dd2] Corrected bug in KitDLL where additional interpreters would not get their auto_path adjusted correctly (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
21:15 [37fc9e9fae] Added support for forcing build (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
12:03 [5421b32beb] Updated notes about kitsh

Added notes about plugability (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)

18:44 [75999463a7] Upgraded test suite to use Tcl/Tk 8.5.10 (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
15:40 [a0ab236261] Added executable bit back, AGAIN! (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
05:39 [000da8e97d] KitCreator 0.6.0 (user: rkeene, tags: trunk, 0.6.0)