All nodes on the path from [0.8.0] to [0.9.0]

20:25 [61250b2605] KitCreator 0.9.0 (user: rkeene, tags: trunk, 0.9.0)
  • build/makearch.info   [diff]
20:24 [3fc4fa39ec] Merge cross compilation README changes (user: venks, tags: trunk)
01:42 [f083221ace] Make sure we skip the "common" directory (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/aclocal.m4   [diff]
01:39 [aae12ba51d] Updated to support trying local tclsh if cross-compiling and no Tclkit is available (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
05:56 [fcac83fca7] Corrected typo in previous commit causing all things to be rendered as cross-compiles (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
05:27 [fe5d208867] Added more Mac OS X support to cross-compile fakeouts (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • tcl/patchscripts/fix-crosscompile.sh   [diff]
05:19 [6b648f7f4d] Unified cross-compiling detection and configuration (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • kitcreator   [diff]
  • tcl/build.sh   [diff]
  • tcl/patchscripts/fix-crosscompile.sh   [diff]
05:15 [abc83d3b1d] Added script to remove "fixstrtod" in Tk (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • tk/patchscripts/fixfixstrtod.sh (new file)   [view]
14:20 [f49c630023] Added support for a manual knob (KC_CROSSCOMPILE) for determing whether fake xmkmf wrapper is used (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • tk/patchscripts/xmkmf-donotuse.sh   [diff]
13:44 [2539bf269d] Updated to create a fake "xmkmf" when cross-compiling (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • tk/build.sh   [diff]
  • tk/patchscripts/xmkmf-donotuse.sh (new file)   [view]
17:02 [8b2ac4d64e] Upgraded to tcc4tcl 0.14 (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
05:53 [df5e53167e] Updated static build script to use MUSL instead of dietlibc since MUSL is more complete (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • build/make-minkit-static   [diff]
05:14 [cd75207dd1] Updated to latest tcc4tcl and request no dlopen() symbol from TCC unless we likely will not have one (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
03:57 [823074a385] Updated to build Linux test as RHEL5 as well as allow user to specify individual targets (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • build/make-kit-linux-amd64   [diff]
  • build/make-kit-linux-i386   [diff]
  • build/test/test   [diff]
00:55 [79b6f2657b] Updated to use stdint in Metakit to determine integer types (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • mk4tcl/patches/all/metakit- (new file)   [view]
22:58 [fddc41b4b8] Updated to include global CFLAGS/LDFLAGS/CPPFLAGS/LIBS in addition to per-project settings (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
20:33 [930c36ab1f] Updated to correct issue where Metakit fails to build but is not detected (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/aclocal.m4   [diff]
05:56 [7181cf4346] Added patch to fix issue with calling exit with open Metakit channels (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • mk4tcl/patches/all/metakit- (new file)   [view]
05:00 [a90b3aacf3] Removed TclOO removal from minimal builds for now, not maintainable (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • tcl/patchscripts/minbuild-nooo.sh (deleted)
04:55 [b4fe3a0158] Updated to reflect 8.6.x builds are threaded by default (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
04:20 [eab55dd43c] Updated to tcc4tcl 0.11 (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
04:19 [c401b28269] Removed extraneous debugging information in last commit (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/aclocal.m4   [diff]
04:18 [bdb920afdb] Corrected issue introduced in [d56c4a3049f6555b] where projects where always attempted to be linked against if they were attempted to be compiled (but failed) (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/aclocal.m4   [diff]
03:53 [a292122a04] Corrected path (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • tcl/patchscripts/fix-crosscompile.sh   [diff]
03:41 [36ec37fe61] Moved "fake-uname" hack into regular patch against Tcl (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • build/fake-bin/uname (deleted)
  • build/make-kit-crosscompile   [diff]
  • tcl/patchscripts/fix-crosscompile.sh (new file)   [view]
05:02 [5006c26763] Updated to latest tcc4tcl (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
05:26 [d56c4a3049] Updated to not link against libtcc1.a (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • kitsh/buildsrc/kitsh-0.0/aclocal.m4   [diff]
  • tcc4tcl/build.sh   [diff]
05:01 [9c03031641] Moved from tcc to tcc4tcl (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • .fossil-settings/ignore-glob   [diff]
  • kitcreator   [diff]
  • tcc/build.sh (deleted)
  • tcc/patches/all/tcltcc-0.4-erroronunsupported.diff (deleted)
  • tcc/patches/all/tcltcc-0.4-fixloading.diff (deleted)
  • tcc/patches/all/tcltcc-0.4-fixstaticwin32.diff (deleted)
  • tcc/patches/all/tcltcc-0.4-setincpath.diff (deleted)
  • tcc/patchscripts/tcltcc-0.4-addtclfuncs.sh (deleted)
  • tcc4tcl/build.sh (new file)   [view]
02:46 [c24deea7f7] Updated tests (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
17:58 [4b893326f5] Updated to support linking Tk dynamically (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
11:46 [9ec7dcbb26] Updated to fail to build TCC on unsupported platforms (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • tcc/patches/all/tcltcc-0.4-erroronunsupported.diff (new file)   [view]
21:20 [4ab0657dfa] Removed debugging (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • tcc/patchscripts/tcltcc-0.4-addtclfuncs.sh   [diff]
20:38 [fd007c0fd0] Updated with additional ignore (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • .fossil-settings/ignore-glob   [diff]
20:37 [0bb0e3a51c] Added missing build script (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • build/make-kit-linux-arm (new file)   [view]
20:36 [c8641be07e] Added TclTCC (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • .fossil-settings/crnl-glob (new file)   [view]
  • .fossil-settings/ignore-glob (new file)   [view]
  • kitcreator   [diff]
  • tcc/build.sh (new file)   [view]
  • tcc/patches/all/tcltcc-0.4-fixloading.diff (new file)   [view]
  • tcc/patches/all/tcltcc-0.4-fixstaticwin32.diff (new file)   [view]
  • tcc/patches/all/tcltcc-0.4-setincpath.diff (new file)   [view]
  • tcc/patchscripts/tcltcc-0.4-addtclfuncs.sh (new file)   [view]
20:36 [b62450459c] Fixes for zlib on other platforms (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
04:13 [1a5bbc4282] Work towards upgrading zlib -- untested on most platforms (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
04:12 [a12c65d1e5] Minor whitespace change (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
03:06 [ec59145e47] Updated to not emit output (user: rkeene, tags: trunk)
  • tcl/patchscripts/win32-32bit-timet.sh   [diff]
04:35 [e57ac649e3] KitCreator 0.8.0 (user: rkeene, tags: trunk, 0.8.0)
  • build/makearch.info   [diff]