Parents and children of check-in [ec2b0ff806]

Added support for using an icon and file information resource under Windows

Allow the user to place a kit.ico and kit.rc in root dir to replace one built into tclkit

Copied tclsh RC and icon as default check-in: 587e28b4b3 user: rkeene tags: trunk

Changed configuration encoding to use UTF-8 to work around bug where tcl::pkgconfig doesn't work because it's populated with the specified encoding, which may be a file on disk and not available. check-in: ec2b0ff806 user: rkeene tags: trunk
Fixed issue with zlib checking

Added support for checking for "tkbase.res.o" (present on Win32 builds) and adding to EXTRA_OBJS to link to the "kit" application check-in: fd276919ad user: rkeene tags: trunk