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TLS and TDOM fail to build
User & Date: anonymous on 2019-12-17 17:04:16

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    Tried on the Fossil head -- results were worse:

    Description: Tcl fossil_trunk, KitCreator 0.11.1, Platform win32, Zip-kit, Threaded, Packages: tcllib, tdom, tk, tls


    Running: export KITCREATOR_PKGS=" tcllib tdom tk tls " Running: ./build/make-kit-win32 fossil_trunk --enable-kit-storage=zip --enable-threads Building tcl ... failed. ./kitcreator: line 317: /tclConfig.sh: No such file or directory Building tclvfs ... failed. Building zlib ... done. Building tcllib ... done. Building tdom ... failed. Building tk ... failed. Building tls ... failed. Building thread ... failed. Building kitsh ... failed. Failed to build: tcl tclvfs tdom tk tls thread kitsh WARNING: Build is likely incomplete or failed.

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