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Trying to create a minimal tclkit (Web Interface)
User & Date: anonymous on 2017-10-01 21:23:45

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    I was trying to create a minimal tclkit (with included Tk)

    My first try was:
        Platform:  Windows/amd64
        * Packages: Tk 
        * Kit: Threaded
        * Kit Storage: Automatic
    The resulting tclkit.exe was ok when used standalone, but then when I used it
    for building a starpack
       tclsh sdk.kit app.exe -runtime tclkit.exe
    I got a fatal error when launching app.exe:
       A critical error occurred.  ... Can't find a usable init.tcl
    After various experiments, I realized that I needed to select the Metakit package
    when launching KitCreator.

    The resulting tclkit is now suitable for building starpacks (Successfully tested for win 32/64, linux 32/64 and macosx)
    Good ! it works ! but my only complaint is that the size of these 'minimal' tclkit
    is still huge ( between 4 and 5 MBytes ).

    Is there a way to reduce further the size of these tclkits ?

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