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Error: <sys/stat.h> is not compatible with MSVC
User & Date: anonymous on 2020-02-05 07:02:51

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    I created tclkit.exe in KitCreator Web Interface with the following options.
    But when I executed the program, the following error was reported.

    Fatal Error in Wish
    <sys/stat.h> is not compatible with MSVC

    KitCreator Web Interface

    Status: Complete

    URL: http://kitcreator.rkeene.org/kits/b00dd4f52414d34ad408e52fe27b3da50614c822/tclkit.exe

    Description: Tcl 8.6.10, KitCreator 0.12.0, Platform win32, Metakit-based, Threaded, Packages: tk

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