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<i>Tclkit Building Made Trivial</i>

<p>KitCreator is a simple build system for creating a <a href="">Tclkit</a>.  It was created to ease creation of Tclkits.  If you just want to use Tcl on your platform, it is recommended that you use a <a href="">pre-existing Tclkit</a>.  See also locally built pre-built <a href="">Tclkits</a>.</p>

<p>A <a href="">Tclkit</a> is, briefly, a single-file executable that contains Tcl (both the interpreter, and all the resources it requires to operate) and other Tcl-related packages (Tk, Incr Tcl, etc).  A tclkit can be used to create a <i>Starpack</i>, which is the Tclkit plus the resources required for your Tcl-based application in a single file.  This makes application delivery easy and consistent as it will be a single file that the user runs to use the application.  Additionally, since a Tclkit is generic, any Tclkit from any platform can be used as the base for a Starpack.  That is, from GNU/Linux you can take the Tclkit for AIX and add your application to produce a native executable for AIX.</p>

<p>KitCreator can create a library that provides the Tcl (and optionally Tk) API for a system.  This is called [KitDLL].  The library has all of the support files embedded into it.  The library's virtual filesystem can be extended by appending a zip file to it.  It can also be extended by appending a zip file to the application itself.</p>

<p>KitCreator can be used to cross-compile a Tclkit, however you may need to have a working Tclkit for your native system first.  KitCreator can be used to create this local boot-strap Tclkit.</p>

<p>There is an automated test suite that is performed nightly, the results can be found on the <a href="">nightly build status</a> page.</p>

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